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24 February 2023

Remotepass and MatchMove to Provide Payroll and Financial Services for Global Remote Workers

Remotepass and MatchMove to Provide Payroll and Financial  Services for Global Remote Workers

Singapore, 24 February 2023 – RemotePass, a leading remote work solutions provider, and MatchMove, a disruptive fintech company and Banking-As-a-Service solutions provider, are partnering to offer a fully digitalised, global payroll service for remote workers, enabling them to hold funds in USD and access a debit card.

“We are thrilled to partner with MatchMove, and are excited to offer our clients a complete solution for managing worker compensation in US dollars," commented Kamal Reggad, CEO of RemotePass. "By partnering with MatchMove, RemotePass is able to further streamline and automate the payroll process for remote teams. The combination of RemotePass's powerful platform and MatchMove's extensive fintech expertise results in new, tailored payout methods for remote workers, and makes the payroll process easier and more efficient for companies," added Kamal.

"Companies are facing unique challenges when it comes to paying remote workers in different jurisdictions," said Amar Abrol, President and Co-founder of MatchMove. "RemotePass has a powerful platform for HR management, and by embedding financial services, they now offer a comprehensive solution for transferring money safely and securely, in full compliance with local laws and regulations. Remote workers from around the world will greatly benefit from this brilliant service and have greater control over their finances. We are delighted to work with innovative companies such as RemotePass, who recognize the value of embedded finance platforms such as MatchMove."

About RemotePass

RemotePass is a leading provider of remote work solutions, offering an all-in-one platform for companies of all sizes to onboard, pay, manage, and retain remote teams across 150 countries. RemotePass’ platform streamlines the process of managing remote contractors and employees, making it easier for companies to navigate the complexities of remote work.

In addition to its unrivalled support for companies, RemotePass also offers a "Super App" for remote teams worldwide, providing them with access to leading financial services and world-class benefits. Learn more about RemotePass here.

About MatchMove

MatchMove is a leading fintech company, offering various innovative financial technology solutions that help businesses streamline their financial processes and improve their overall financial management. The firm's solutions include digital banking, payments, and lending, and are used by companies of all sizes, worldwide.

Headquartered in Singapore, MatchMove has operations in 7 countries across Asia.
Learn more about MatchMove here.

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