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Disburse Loans Securely And Efficiently To Your Customers

Digitize the lending process and provide your customers a convenient, end-to-end digital experience when borrowing money and repaying loans.

The Problem

Individuals often turn to independent lenders for their credit needs and sometimes have a challenging time tracking and making payments. Digitizing the entire lending and payments process helps make this easier not just for borrowers, but for lenders as well.

Many employers also want to provide loans to their employees so that they do not have to go elsewhere. However, traditional methods with regulatory and compliance requirements make the task too challenging.

MatchMove Solution

We help independent lenders disburse loans digitally, track consumer behavior, and thereby enhance their product offerings to potential customers. MatchMove helps lenders seamlessly take the whole lending process online by digitizing disbursements through secure digital wallets and virtual accounts.

We also help established companies provide loans to qualified employees in a fast, digital and compliant manner. This increases employee loyalty and ensures that employees are getting the best possible cost of credit when compared to other financial institutions.

Key Benefits

A Fast And Secure Way Of Lending

Eliminate the need for customers and business owners to physically exchange cash.

Empower Your Customers To Take Charge Of Their Repayments

The virtual account and digital wallet allow customers to manage and track cash disbursements, as well as repayments.

Provide A Better User Experiences

Digital wallets and virtual accounts ensure safe and seamless lending and repayment.

Know Your Customers Better

Capture real-time customer repayment information to analyze borrower behavior and spend patterns so lenders can create personalized solutions for them.

Use Case


Disbursing loans to virtual and physical cards


  • No need for cash pickup or handling
  • Instant credit disbursement
  • Use funds immediately for purchases

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