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12 July 2023

MatchMove collaborates with Stripe to expand internationally

MatchMove collaborates with Stripe to expand internationally

San Francisco, CA and Singapore - MatchMove, a provider of embedded finance solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Stripe, a global financial infrastructure platform for businesses, to equip merchants with the tools they need to succeed in today's digital economy. MatchMove has integrated Stripe payments to provide their partners and merchants on the MatchMove-owned Shopmatic platform with seamless payment solutions, enabling them to unlock new global growth opportunities and enhance customer experiences.

MatchMove and Stripe's collaboration delivers tangible benefits to businesses and consumers alike. Through this collaboration, Shopmatic merchants and partners of MatchMove will experience:

  1. Seamless Payment Processing: Businesses can offer their customers a seamless payment experience powered by Stripe, with secure transactions and swift settlement processes. This streamlined payment flow ensures quick, hassle-free transactions, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.
  2. Enhanced Global Reach: By harnessing the extensive global reach of both MatchMove and Stripe, businesses gain the ability to expand internationally more easily. They can accept payments in multiple currencies and offer localized payment options, enabling them to enter new markets with greater local relevance and unlock untapped revenue streams.
  3. Robust Fraud Protection: MatchMove and Stripe's partnership prioritizes security, providing robust fraud protection mechanisms to safeguard merchants and their customers against unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activities. This stringent security framework instils trust and confidence, further bolstering the reputation of the onboarded businesses.
  4. Access to Advanced Analytics: MatchMove partners and their Shopmatic merchants can leverage comprehensive data insights and analytics tools, powered by MatchMove and Stripe. This enables them to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, optimize their business strategies, and drive informed decision-making for sustainable growth.

"The current financial system works well, but hasn’t been upgraded for the internet economy," said Sarita Singh, Managing Director of Southeast Asia at Stripe. "We strongly support innovation in financial services, particularly when it brings benefits to businesses and consumers. We are proud to help ambitious companies like MatchMove that are making it easier and more affordable for their customers to transact and manage their finances around the world."

"This partnership is a natural fit for both companies," said Amar Abrol, President and Co-Founder of MatchMove. "With Stripe's expertise as a global financial infrastructure platform provider and MatchMove's experience in card issuance and digital banking, we will deliver advanced payment solutions that simplify transactions, amplify customer experiences, and fuel business growth. We are excited about the endless possibilities this collaboration unlocks."

About MatchMove:

MatchMove is a leading provider of digital banking solutions, delivering innovative and accessible financial services to businesses and consumers around the world. The company's platform provides businesses with a full suite of digital banking and card issuance services, making it easier and more affordable for them to manage their finances and transact online.

Headquartered in Singapore, MatchMove has operations in 7 countries across Asia.

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