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26 July 2020

MatchMove and Xpensio to revolutionize corporate expense management

Singapore, 27 July 2019 – MatchMove, the developer of Asia’s leading Banking-as-a-Service platform, has partnered with Xpensio to provide smart expense management solutions for businesses in the region. The solution was first unveiled at the Seamless Asia 2019 conference in Singapore in June. 

Until now, most corporate expense management systems offered limited customization and control, and were often hindered by lengthy approvals, card issuance and month end statements. With the new Xpensio solution powered by MatchMove’s proprietary Banking Wallet OSTM, managing company expenses, team budgets and staff claims will now become much easier and faster. 

Xpensio gives companies full customization and control of the payment management system that best fits their business needs. Managers can predetermine rules and automate approval processes and other internal processes such as payment card creation, setting spending authority and limits, as well as channeling funds disbursements, all on a single platform.

The Xpensio solution allows businesses to define specific team budgets, set approval flows for purchase requests and track purchases from order to payment. It is also capable of capturing and automatically matching invoices with the expense categories.

Employees can receive individual physical and/or virtual payment cards, stipulated for different card uses and limits to eliminate unauthorized expenditure and overspending. These cards can be used anywhere in the world where major cards are accepted. The Xpensio solution also relieves staff of the tedious paperwork of submitting and tracking their expense claims; staff can now use their mobile phones to capture the receipts and the app will automatically match them with the category of expenditure.

In addition to smart matching capabilities of invoices and receipts to payment categories, companies using Xpensio can have full control and real-time visibility of company spending anytime, instead of having to wait for month-end statements and reports.

“Using MatchMove’s proprietary payment solutions has significantly set our product above the rest. We are truly impressed by their ability to issue instant virtual payment cards that are accepted globally. Our partnership with MatchMove enables quick-to-market solutions for any company that wants amazingly simple and effective expense management solutions to eliminate hassles of petty cash, expense reports, and reimbursements,” said Vanessa Liwanag, CEO of Xpensio.

“We are delighted to announce this new use case of corporate expense management on our platform. The solution leverages MatchMove’s and Xpensio’s advanced user-centric technologies built for businesses who want a smarter, safer and more intuitive way to manage budgets and expenses. The combination will be a game changer in corporate expense management,” said Shailesh Naik, Founder & Group CEO of MatchMove.